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Promotions begin December 2010

Start earning today!

What can you earn? Points towards rewards!

With SC Promotions you will be able to win one of the following prizes:

  • Apple iPad 16GB WiFi
  • $25.00 iTunes Apple Gift Card
  • iPod / iPhone / iPad Cases
  • Visa Giftcards of $25.00
  • And Much Much More!!

How it works:

  1. You must be enrolled within Swift Click Promotions (Check your account settings) to be eligibe and by participating you agree to the Terms of Service
  2. Play Swift Click (On medium or hard difficulty) and get in the top 10 positions on the Leaderboards by the end of each month
  3. The first place winner each month will receive 250 points and each of the following players will receive 25 less in order of ranking from 2-10
  4. Each month your total will be added up and when you reach 1,500 points you will be given the prize of the month!
  5. Bonus:Make a donation of $10.00 through PayPal and receive 100 points! Donate Now
Yes. It's that simple.

But be careful, there are a lot of registered competitors worldwide so your time is precious!